Muslim wife pressurising the in-laws’ family members for conversion

  • A frightening incident of Love Jihad in Aligarh (UP)
  • Muslim women in the majority of Muslim area brainwashed the Muslim wife against her in-laws’ family.

Aligarh (UP) – Muskan, the Muslim daughter-in-law of the only Hindu family living in the Muslim-majority area of Ferozepur in the District, pressurised the family for conversion. She broke the Idol of the Goddess worshipped on the occasion of Chaitra-Navratri. She also started putting pressure on the Hindu family for cooking non-vegetarian food. Her relatives also supported her act. As per the information by the local media, Muskan’s husband, Ajay Kumar has registered a complaint against Muskan and her mother’s family.

Kumar has said that Muslim women from Ferozepur brainwashed Muskan against her in-laws’ family.

Kumar and Muskan had a love marriage in December 2022.

A video of family discord has gone viral on social media. It appears that Ajay Kumar has posted that video, because he repeatedly says ‘they preferred to die but will never allow conversion’. Muskan is also threatening family members by saying if they do not get converted, then they will die.

Editorial perspectives

  • We can realise, how arrogant these Muslim women are, despite having anti-conversion laws in UP, they are trying to convert others. Immediate action is necessary against such religious fanatics.
  • Please note, in the case of Love Jihad, not only do Muslim men allure Hindu young girls, they marry them and convert them forcibly, but Muslim women also do the same by taking undue advantage of the simplicity of Hindu young men.

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