Thousands of Hindus took to the streets in Australia after the Khalistanis attacked Hindu temple in Brisbane

Brisbane (Australia) – Hindus in Brisbane took to the streets to stand in solidarity with the Laxmi Narayan Temple that was recently attacked by Khalistani extremists. Most of the participants were dressed in traditional Hindu attire, and the atmosphere was one of unity and strength. Recently the Indian Consulate in Brisbane, Australia, was also attacked by Khalistani extremists.

Some attacks on the Hindu temples in Australia in recent times !

  • January 2023 – Attack on the Swaminarayan temple in the mill park area near Melbourne
  • January 2023 – Attack on the Hare Krishna temple of ISKCON in the Albert park area in Melbourne
  • March 2023 – Attack on the Laxmi Narayan temple in Brisbane
Editorial viewpoint

Congratulations to the Hindus in Brisbane ! All the Hindus should learn from the Hindus in Brisbane who are standing against the Khalistanis.

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