Objectionable material found in St Mary School Principal’s room in Madhya Pradesh

  • Along with 19 liquor bottles, women’s undergarments and contraceptives confiscated
  • School closed down
  • Principal Fr Dionysus R B gives evasive answers
Fr Dionysus, the Principal of St Mary on left & A team from the State unit of the ‘National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)’ on right

Bhopal (MP) – Nineteen liquor bottles, women’s underclothes, and contraceptive packets have been confiscated from the rooms of Fr Dionysus, the Principal of St Mary’s convent school in Morena, and its manager. It is a renowned school in the city. A team from the State unit of the ‘National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)’ paid a surprise visit to this school when they found these objectionable things. The District Collector has ordered a close-down of the school after this issue. The school has been locked and the Police have begun the investigations.

  1. MP-NCPCR’s member Nivedita Sharma and District Education Officer A K Pathak were present when the inspection was carried out.
  2. Activists of ‘Hindu Jagaran Manch’ staged demonstrations outside the school after the action.
  3. Fr Dionysus R B, the Principal of the school, said that he had no knowledge if any teacher had brought the alcohol bottles to the rooms or about the condom packets which were found in the room.

A report is to be submitted for cancellation of the school’s accreditation – NCPCR

Nivedita Sharma said while talking to the media that there is a church in the school and CCTVs are also fitted in the premises, but CCTVs are not fitted in the area where the rooms are located and from where the alcohol bottles and objectionable things were found. Why would one person use seven rooms ? There are 12 beds and even a kitchen where the Principal and the manager stay. MP-NCPCR will submit a report to the District Collector for cancellation of the school’s accreditation.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus need to know the real nature of missionary schools ! Even earlier, malpractices in missionary schools have been exposed. It is difficult to imagine the kind of education imparted to students in such schools !

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