Cow smugglers chased for 2 hours by cow rescuers in Mahendragarh !

Cow smugglers fire on cow rescuers !

Condition of the rescuer’s vehicles

Mahendragarh (Haryana) – An incident recently happened where four vehicles of cow rescuers chased cow-smugglers for 60 kilometres for 2 hours. The smugglers threw the cows tied in a ‘pickup’ vehicle one by one in front of the moving cars of the rescuers who were chasing them. Smugglers also fired at the rescuers causing lot of damage to rescuer’s vehicles.

According to information received, some people were seen standing in a suspicious manner near a pickup vehicle at Surjanwas Canal in Mahendragarh. When some villagers questioned them, they gave vague answers. When the villagers investigated the vehicle, they saw 8 to 10 cows tied with ropes. The news of cow smuggling spread in the surrounding area. After this, smugglers were chased in 4 vehicles. Cow rescuers called 100 and 112 numbers several times but did not get any assistance.

Editorial viewpoint

It is duty of Police to stop cow smuggling. It is shameful for the Police and the Administration that cow rescuers are doing this duty by risking their own lives.

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