A well-educated girl in UP marries Shrikrushna !


Auraiya (UP) – A girl studying in a law college has married Shrikrushna. The parents of the girl did ‘Kanyadan’. The parents of the girl are happy to have Krishna as their son-in-law. Raksha has completed her post-graduation and is pursuing her LLB.

Raksha has had deep faith in Shrikrushna since childhood. She used to spend hours in devotion unto Shrikrushna. But no one thought that her love for Shrikrushna would survive even in such a big event in her life. I want to marry only Shrikrushna. Shrikrushna came into my dream. He himself put a garland around my neck. Then the family members also had to support her insistence. According to media reports, Shrikrushna was then formally adopted as a son-in-law in the said family. This marriage is currently a hot topic in Uttar Pradesh. The wedding took place on 11th March 2023 according to Indian traditions. All rituals of henna, turmeric and bangles were performed. The wedding hall was also decorated. Raksha is very happy with this marriage.