Islamic State takes responsibility for Coimbatore blasts in Tamil Nadu !

Threatened to continue the attacks to take revenge on Hindus

Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) – Terrorist organisation named Islamic State – Khorasan Province has taken the responsibility of bomb blast that happened using a car near a temple few months ago. This organisation has threatened that more bomb blasts will be carried out in India to take revenge on Hindus and to create bloodbath in India. Reacting to this, the BJP Tamil Nadu State President Annamalai said “Islamic state has taken responsibility of the bomb blast that happened in Coimbatore. Hoping that the DMKites (Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam – Dravid Progress Sangh) would at least wakeup from their sleep and would stop making claims that “the blast happened in cylinder”. The investigation of the blast  is being carried out by the National Investigative Agency.

This blast occurred on 23rd October 2022. A youngster named “Mubin” was killed in this blast. He was going to keep the bomb near the temple.

Editorial viewpoint

Thousands of Jihadi terrorists have attacked Hindus, but Hindus have never taken revenge on them. Instead, liberals keep telling Hindus that the terrorists have no religion !

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