Sanatan’s child-seeker presents Bharatanatyam in a USA school

Mrs Gauri Kulkarni and Mr Abhijit Kulkarni

Minneapolis (USA) – On 3rd February 2023, an ‘International Nite’ was organised by ‘Iceland Lake School’ in the US, under a programme on ‘Holiday and Celebration’. This programme aimed at providing information on the cultures of different countries.

Ms Ishwari Kulkarni

Sanatan Sanstha’s 9-year-old child-seeker Ms Ishwari Kulkarni (who is at the spiritual level of 63%) and is studying in the 4th Standard, presented a Bharatanatyam dance based on a Sanskrut song about Bharatmata (Motherland India) – ‘Namo Namo Bhaarataambe …’ – and won the hearts of the audience.

Ms Ishwari Kulkarni is originally from Pune and is presently staying in Minneapolis. Under the ‘Holiday and Celebration’ aegis, the students were allowed to set up stalls, provide various types of information and exhibit items and banners about their country. Students from 16 countries participated in this programme along with their parents.

Ms Ishwari Kulkarni’s parents and Sanatan seekers, Mr Abhijit and Mrs Gauri Kulkarni set up a stall which provided information on the Indian culture and the Deepavali festival in India. They manned this stall in Indian attire. Placards displayed the importance of lights, rangoli, kumkum, etc. A small box of kumkum was kept for visitors to apply.

The backdrop of the stall was decorated with marigold garlands and photos of lotus and earthen lamps that are lit during the Deepavali festival. A video which provided relevant information on various topics was played in the background.

Many foreigners visited the stall and asked about the application of kumkum. Some also expressed interest in visiting India.

Mr Abhijit Kulkarni said that with Shri Guru’s grace, they could convey the importance of Indian culture to the visitors from other countries.

India is respected in the world because of its Spirituality. Rationalists who refute or criticize it are nothing but traitors !

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