Chinese must go ! : Kenyan traders protest against Chinese businesses !

Slogans ‘Chinese go back’ raised  !

Nairobi (Kenya) – Kenyan traders are staging protests against Chinese businesses in the country. Thousands of them have taken to the streets carrying banners saying ‘Chinese must go !’ and raising slogans. The Chinese traders and businesses are resorting to all means to finish off the local traders. The Chinese have opened a store called ‘Chinese Square’ in Kenya. It is selling products at about 45% lower than the local market rate.

Hence, ordinary citizens are thronging to the ‘Chinese Square’. The Chinese products are cheap but their quality is substandard. Still, the locals get entrapped in their marketing gimmick. This is causing great harm to the local traders. Kenyan citizens, traders, and businessmen allege that the Chinese are doing this under a plan to evict them from the Kenyan markets and take over the country’s economy.

Editorial viewpoint

China endeavours to take over the economy of whichever country it enters and so weakens the economic system of that country. Indian Government should ban the sale of Chinese products before that happens in India !

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