Thieves attacked the donation box by applying plaster to CCTV !

  • Distressing incident at the Saptashrungi temple in Nashik !
  • Complaint not registered even after 20 days !
Saptshrungi Devi temple

Nashik – A shocking incident has taken place in the Saptashrungi temple in Nashik when thieves attacked the donation box of Saptshrungi Devi temple. Thieves have done this theft by plastering the CCTV camera in the temple with lime. But even after 20 days, no case has been filed. (This is the result of the inactivity of Hindus ! If similar incidents would occur at the places of worship of other religions, they would have stepped out on the streets ! – Editor)

1. There are different donation boxes kept at different places in the temple campus. The money from one of these boxes has been stolen. The stolen amount has not yet been known. Many currency notes put by the devotees in the donation box have been found burnt.

2. No case has been filed in this regard yet, Trustee Adv. Deepak Patodkar has given a letter to the president of the institute demanding immediate registration of a case. He said, “The incident of stealing the money from the donation boxes at the Saptashrungi temple is shocking. How did this theft happen even with security guards hired taking so much funds and CCTV in the temple campus ? A complaint should be filed against this matter after a strict enquiry.”

Editorial viewpoint

O’ Hindus ! Establishment of a Hindu nation is the only solution to stop the thefts in the temples ! Realise this and get united !

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