‘Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangha’ established for the protection of Temples

Mr Sunil Ghanwat

Jalgaon – “The ‘Indian temple culture’ which gives spiritual strength to Hindus is under threat today due to the irreligious ‘Secular’ form of governance. It is the duty of every Hindu to preserve, conserve and protect this Divine heritage. For this purpose, over 300 temple trustees, priests, auditors and advocates who attended the 2-day ‘Maharashtra Mandir-Nyas Parishad’ said that they are committed to protecting and preserving the temples”, said Mr Sunil Ghanwat (Organiser of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh) at a Press conference.

During the Maharashtra Mandir-Nyas Parishad, it was resolved to work for the security, coordination, organisation, communication system of temples and for temples to become centres of propagating Sanatan Dharma. Through the Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangha, organised efforts will be made to resolve all kinds of onslaughts, difficulties and problems faced by temples.

The Mahasangha explained its role in not allowing temples to be privatised, insisting on following the rituals & traditions of temples, performing religious activities as prescribed in our Scriptures and not allowing Government interference in temples in any way.

Mr Sunil Ghanwat added that various measures such as providing education on Dharma in temples, implementing religious dress code in temples, starting collective activities such as celebration on Gudhipadva, weapon worship, recitation of Hanuman Chalisa, singing Maha-aratis in temples, starting a wide ranging movement against attacks on temples, etc. will be undertaken by the Maharashtra Mandir Mahasangha.

Those who work to protect temples are honoured as ‘temple warriors’ !

Mr Sunil Ghanwat said that 12 people have been honoured as ‘Mandir Rakshak Yoddha (Temple protection Warrior)’. They were given books and badges by Padmalaya Devasthan to the Trustees who work to prevent the Government takeover of temples, prevent corruption, etc. in temples taken over by various Governments, prevent violation of customs and traditions in temples, remove encroachment on the temple lands, bring good management in temples.

Resolutions passed unanimously

1. The Government of Maharashtra should comply with the Court orders and free the temples it has taken over.
2. The Government of Maharashtra should declare that temple property will not be used for other developmental purposes.
3. Substantial provision should be made in the budget for the immediate restoration of temples that have mythological or historical significance, especially those which are being neglected by the administration and Archaeological Department.
4. The encroachments by Muslims and others on pilgrimage centres and temples on forts in Maharashtra should be surveyed and removed immediately.
5. Since the income of priests in the temples is negligible, the Government should pay them a monthly stipend.
6. To protect the sanctity of temples, pilgrimage centres, the Government should issue a notification that liquor and meat cannot be sold in their premises.
7. Class ‘C’ temples in Maharashtra that have proper documents should be immediately classified as class ‘B’.
8. Orders should not be sent by Charity Commissioners to the temples asking for donations towards social causes.
9. A Government order should be issued to ensure that temple funds are used for religious purposes only.
These resolutions will be given to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Deputy Chief Minister and Law and Justice Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

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