The Kohinoor diamond represents Britain’s dark history of colonisation and bloodshed !

An Indian-origin Journalist Ms Narinder Kaur’s outright response during a debate in Britian !

(Left side) Narinder Kaur, a Journalist of Indian origin  and Journalist Emma Webb  

London (England) – After Independence, the demand for the return of the Kohinoor diamond to India has been made many times. Now, this point has come forth again during this debate. A decision has been taken that Queen Consort Camilla, the wife of Britain’s King Charles, will not don Queen Elizabeth’s Kohinoor encrusted crown for the Coronation. There was a debate about this on a TV show. In this, there was a crossing of words and thoughts between GB News journalist Emma Webb and Narinder Kaur, a Journalist of Indian origin. In the viral video, the two journalists can be seen indulging in a heated argument. Journalist Emma Webb argued that the Kohinoor’s ownership can be disputed while fellow broadcaster Narinder Kaur hit back saying, “You do not know history.”

1. “The ruler was also the ruler of Lahore so is Pakistan going get a claim on it?” Emma Webb asked. “They stole it from the Persian empire. The Persian empire invaded the Mughal empire so this is a contested object,” Emma Webb said.

2. In response, Narinder Kaur said, “You do not know history. It represents colonisation and bloodshed. Give it back to India. I don’t see why an Indian child from India has to travel all the way to the UK to look at it and pay for it.”

3. Narinder Kaur tweeted, “The kohinoor diamond was founded in Indian soil. It represents to the British their dark brutal colonial history. They have NO BUSINESS in continuing to benefit from colonisation. The UN recognises the right of a country to reclaim its treasures”.

About Kohinoor diamond

1. In 1849, after the conquest of Punjab by the British forces, the properties of the Sikh Empire were confiscated. The Kohinoor was transferred to the treasury of the British East India Company in Lahore.

2. The properties of the Sikh Empire were taken as war compensations. Even one line of the Treaty of Lahore was dedicated to the fate of the Kohinoor.

3. The diamond was shipped to Britain on a ship. It was handed to Queen Victoria in July 1850.

4. Apart from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan have also claimed ownership of it since Indian Independence in 1947.

Editorial viewpoint

Journalist Narinder Kaur is worthy of felicitation for outright countering Webb about the Kohinoor diamond. India after having overtaken Britain economically, should force Britain to return the Kohinoor diamond to India !

1 thought on “The Kohinoor diamond represents Britain’s dark history of colonisation and bloodshed !”

  1. If Britain were to change the law and hand over the Kohinoor diamond, would India and Pakistan together cede and restore back to independant governance the five rivers Kingdom of Lahore? No of course not.

    The 1849 Last Treaty of Lahore (mentioned above) stands, all five clauses, in every particular.
    Narinder Kaur should study more history to better understand the basis of modern day one nation India.


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