Declare Sanskrut as an official language : Former CJI Sharad Bobde

Secular Sanskrut to be declared an official language is the statute !

Former CJI Sharad Bobde

New Delhi – My attraction to the Sanskrut Language kept increasing from the time I became an Advocate till I became a Justice of the Supreme Court. There is no problem in giving the Sanskrut language the status of an official language. As 95% of the language does not have any connection with religion, it is about, Philosophy, Ethics, Science, Literature, Sculpture, Geology, etc., said former Chief Justice of India Sharad Bobde. He was speaking at an interview with an English Newspaper.

He added that people think of Sanskrut as a language of religious books, as all the religious books, Shlokas, and mantras are in Sanskrut. But 80% to 90% of Sanskrut books are not related to God. So, declare Sanskrut an official language. There is no connection with religion for making it an official language. I only suggest that a secular language be made available to the common citizen because Sanskrut is called the mother of All Indo-European languages.

Former CJI added further –

1. I feel that there is a necessity for another common language along with Hindi, which is understood by all. Unofficially English is the official language, but only 2-3% of Indians are fluent in that language.

2. The bar associations in various States have been asking for the local language of the State be made the official language at the Courts. Especially the southern States have still not accepted Hindi.

No response given to Ambedkar’s proposal of making Sanskrut the official Language ! – Former Chief Justice of India

Editorial viewpoint

The people have rejected Congress that declared Sanskrut as a dead language. Hindus feel that now Modi’s Government should take steps to make it an official Language !

Former CJI said Dr Ambedkar was the one who first proposed making Sanskrut the official language of the Union of India. Many members of the Constituent Assembly supported the proposal. Their suggestion was incorporated in Article 351 of the Constitution. When the media asked Ambedkar about this, he asked them what was wrong with it.  Of course, his question has not been answered till date.

Bobde then added, it is necessary that the Government, under Article 344 of the Constitution, should constitute a parliamentary committee about the question of the official language or form a commission for it.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Sanskrut is called ‘Devbhasha’ or ‘Language of the Gods’ as it is created by God. For lakhs of years, Sanatan Hindu Dharma has been using it. The Union Government should take serious cognisance of a former Chief Justice’s recommendation. This is the what all the lovers of Sanskrut wish !
  • Sanskrut is an indivisible unit of the Sanatan Hindu Culture. Hence, it will be declared the National Language in the Hindu Rashtra. Not just that, it will also have the patronage of the Government.

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