Procession must follow the route ordered by the Admin. : Jharkhand HC

Deoghar (Jharkhand) – The local administration created hurdles in celebrating the festival of Maha-shivaratra here, where the ancient Baba Baidyanath Temple of Shiva is situated. Section 144 (Prohibition of public gatherings) had been imposed in the area from where the procession was to be taken out. Against this, local BJP MP Dr Nishikant Dubey had filed a petition in the High Court against this order of the administration. However, the Court ruled in favour of the administration and clarified that the curfew order is not for ordinary devotees. The procession should be taken out only on the route designated by the administration.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is not expected that Hindus will be restricted from celebrating their religious festivals while Hindu-majority India is celebrating the diamond jubilee of India’s Independence ! Local administrations must not alter the traditions of Hindus on the pretext of a threat. The High Court is expected to reprimand the administration !