2 Muslims burnt to death in a car in Haryana !

The families of the victims allege that the Police and Bajrang Dal are responsible !

Rewari (Haryana) – The charred bodies of two Muslim men Junaid (35) and  Nasir (28) were found in a torched car in Loharu town in Haryana’s Bhiwani. When this incident came to light it started a controversy. Junaid and Nasir both hailed from Ghatmeeka village in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan.

The families of the dead men allege that the ‘Crime Investigative Agency’ of Ferozpur Haryana caught Junaid and Nasir after ramming the Bolero car in which the two were traveling. The Police then handed the wounded over to the Bajrang Dal activists.  The Bajrang Dal activists mercilessly thrashed them under the suspicion that they were cow smugglers. Later they burned them along with the Bolero SUV. The Crime Investigation Agency’s team was with the Bajrang Dal activists, witnessing it all. 7-8 persons including Monu Manesar and Rinku Saini, of the Bajrang Dal threw them alive in the burning car.

The Police refute the allegation !

Virendra Singh in charge of Firozpur Zhirka said that he has no role in this incident. He neither caught them nor did he hand them over to the Bajrang Dal.

I have nothing to do with this incident – clarifies Monu Manesar

It is said that Monu Manesar is involved in this incident. He is a resident of Manesar in the Gurugram District of Haryana. He is the chief of Haryana’s cow protection unit of the Bajrang Dal. Monu has posted a video on the social media saying, ‘I have no involvement in the incident at Bhiwani, I was at a hotel when this incident happened. I am un-necessarily getting dragged into this case.’