All work to be ‘paperless’ in Mantralaya : CM orders completion of all corresponding work by the 1st of April  

It is expected that modern technology would help to increase efficiency and prompt service !

Chief Minister (CM) Eknath Shinde

Mumbai – The State Government has taken an important decision to make paperless work in Mantralaya, the Government Secretariat. Chief Minister (CM) Eknath Shinde and Dy Chief Minister Devendra Fadanvis are looking into the matter personally. CM has instructed all departments to start paperless work from the 1st of April 2023; therefore, Information and Technology Department (ITD) has taken up the job on a war footing, informed one of the officers at Mantralaya to the representative of Dainik Sanatan Prabhat.

1. In the first phase, departmental work will be made paperless, and the next step will be paperless work at the secretarial and ministerial levels.

2. All ministers and the CM will have to learn the method of paperless work since CM himself is taking a keen interest in it.

3. The work related to the Minority Department has been made fully paperless so far at the ministerial level, and the other 3–4 departments are about to complete the relevant work. ITD has formed a group of 27 members who have been entrusted with the implementation of the paperless system of work for different departments. Meetings are being held with the respective secretaries and other officers to learn about this system.

4. After the successful completion of this drive at ‘Mantralaya’, it will be extended to all government offices, corporations, authorities, etc. National Information Centre is controlling all the work undertaken by the State.

Saving millions of rupees, besides working from home !  

1. It will save millions of rupees of the Government spent on printing of papers, circulars, notices, etc on various subjects issued by every government office at the State to village level.

2. On searching the reference name, the respective file will be opened on the computer, thus saving time too.

3. Work can be done even from home since all the papers will be available online.

4. Newly appointed officers will get all the information/records at one click, after transfers which will save time, money, and labour; besides quick disposal of the cases.

How the new system will work !  

Every officer using the paperless -work system will have an independent account. He will be assigned a specific time and date for work, during which only, he will be able to open his account. After his transfer or retirement, he will have no access to this account. He will have to, therefore, complete all the pending work during his tenure. All the data will then be handed over to the new incumbent.