Yogi Adityanath is not a religious leader, but a thug ! : Rahul Gandhi crows

(Left side) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

New Delhi – Congress MP Rahul Gandhi spewed venom against Chief Minister of UP Yogi Adityanath. Rahul said, “No one encourages violence in Uttar Pradesh, but Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath cannot be called a religious Guru because of his language. Just wearing saffron does not make one a religious leader. Pardon me, but Yogi Adityanath is not a religious leader or a religious Guru. He is an ordinary thug. BJP is spreading adharma in Uttar Pradesh”.

In an interview given by Yogi Adityanath a few days ago, he had said, “Opposition leaders like Rahul Gandhi make the BJP’s work easier. They really create a favourable environment for the BJP. Congress has been dividing the country in the name of caste and religion since 1947”.

(Credit : Navbharat Times)

Rahul Gandhi added, ‘There is no storm of religion in Uttar Pradesh. I have read Islam as well as Christianity. I have also studied Buddhism. I am also familiar with Hinduism. No religion preaches spreading of violence. (If Rahul Gandhi had really studied these religions, he would not have made such a statement. He would have realised which religion preaches Jihad, due to which there has been worldwide violence for 1,400 years. Rahul Gandhi would have realised that today there are 52 Islamic countries, which exist solely on the strength of the sword. Similarly, he would have realised how the eastern Indian States became Christian majority and would have also realised what is Hindu Dharma. But nothing like this has happened – Editor) When one ceases practicing penance, he reaches a state of confusion. Congress is a party of Ascetics”. (This is a hilarious statement by Rahul Gandhi ! – Editor)

Rahul Gandhi is dim-witted ! : Mahant Raju Das

Mahant Raju Das

Reacting to Rahul Gandhi’s statement, Mahant Raju Das of Shri Hanuman Garhi Temple in Ayodhya said that CM Yogi Adityanath is the head of the Gorakhnath Peetha, which gave MPs to the country 3 times. No one can be less intelligent than Rahul Gandhi who calls Yogi Adityanath a thug !

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Why doesn’t Rahul Gandhi talk about how much Congress conned the people of this country during its misrule ?
  • Does Rahul Gandhi even know what a religious Guru is ? Will Rahul Gandhi ever dare to make such a statement about Christian pastors and maulvis ?