Case filed against Yogrushi Baba Ramdev in Rajasthan !

Issue related to statements made against Islam and Christianity

Yogrushi Baba Ramdev

Barmar (Rajasthan) – A case has been registered against Yogrushi Baba Ramdev at Chauhatan Police station for his controversial statements about Islam and Christianity. The case has been filed under Sections 153A, 295A, and 298 for inciting religious sentiments, disturbing communal harmony and hurting religious sentiments.

What did Yogrushi Baba Ramdev say ?

In a programme held in Rajasthan, Yogrushi Baba Ramdev said that anything can be done like kidnapping Hindu girls or be a terrorist, after offering namaz for five times a day under Islam. By offering ‘namaz’ five times, one gets ‘jannat (heaven)’. If liquor is offered in ‘jannat’, it is worse than ‘Jahannum (hell)’. Attempts are made to convert people from all castes. By lighting a candle, all sins are absolved, but it is not so in Hindu Dharma.