Those born in India are Hindus !

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan quotes Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s statement !

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

New Delhi –  ‘Everyone who is born in India, eats the food prepared in India, drinks the water of Indian rivers has the right to call themselves Hindus and hence you can call me a Hindu !’ – The above statement was made by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan the founder of the Aligarh Muslim University at a programme arranged by the Arya Samaj a few decades ago. The Governor of Kerala Arif Mohammad recently reminded his audience of the above in a programme.

‘Hindu’ is a geographical term !

Governor Arif Mohammad Khan said when Sir Syed Khan completed his tenure in the Legislative Council during the Colonial rule, he was welcomed by members of the Arya Samaj. When addressing the members of the samaj he had asked them ‘Why don’t you call me Hindu ?’ I do not consider the word ‘Hindu’ to be a religious term, instead, I consider it as a geographical term.’ (He who destroys the bad qualities in himself is a Hindu, he who follows Hindu Dharma, customs and culture, is a ‘Hindu’. Now Hindus should keep in mind that the statements such as ‘There is no religion called ‘Hindu’, are made by cunning Muslims to impress Hindus and create an inferiority complex among them ! – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

Also it is important to note that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan founded the Aligarh Muslim University but today anti-Hindu activities are being carried out in this very same university !