There will be war between America and China in 2025 !

The United States Air Force General’s claim

The United States Air Force General Michael A. Minihan

Washington (USA) – The United States Air Force General Michael A. Minihan, has made shocking and explosive claims that the US Army could be at war with the Chinese PLA two years from now. He has directed his officers to be prepared for war. The head of the US Air Mobility Command which is responsible for the service’s fleet of transport and refueling aircraft, in the memorandum predicted that US and China may go to war possibly over self-administered Taiwan.

Gen. Michael A. Minihan said, both US and China will have a presidential election in 2024, and the Chinese authoritarian leader Xi Jinping could use a distraction to advance on the Taiwanese territory. If that happens America will have to intervene. This will lead to a warlike situation.