Why should temples not be handed over to religious people ? : Supreme Court

  • The Supreme Court reprimands the Government of Andhra Pradesh on the Government takeover of the temple !
  • SC dismissed the petition filed by the State Government !

New Delhi – The Andhra Pradesh High Court had ruled that the Andhra Pradesh Government has no right to take over the Ahobilam temple in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh Government had then filed a petition challenging this order in the Supreme Court, which was dismissed by the apex Court. The Court clearly said, ‘Why should the temples not be handed over to religious people ? The Shri Ahobilam Math in Tamil Nadu has been in control of this temple since ancient times’.

The Supreme Court said that the State Government has no right under the law to appoint an executive officer over the temple. Let the religious people handle the affairs of the temple. We do not find it necessary to give legal relief to petitions entered under ‘Article 136’ (special permission to challenge through the Supreme Court) of the Constitution.

In a judgement delivered by the Andhra Pradesh High Court on 13th October 2022, it said, ‘The State Government’s decision to appoint an executive officer on the Ahobilam temple is a violation of Article 26D of the Constitution of India. Government has no right to appoint an officer. The temple is an integral part of the Ahobilam Math established for the promotion of Hinduism and for providing spiritual services’.

Editorial Viewpoint

Hindus expect that the Supreme Court should now take the initiative to rescind the Government takeovers of the temples across the country !

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