Muslim fanatics forcibly entered the house of a Hindu priest and beat him up in Ratlam (MP)

The reason behind this attack was that the temple refused to lower the sound of its loudspeakers

Ratlam (Madhya Pradesh) –  In the village of Divel devotional songs were being played on the loudspeakers of the Hanuman temple. Suddenly some Muslims showed up and started arguing about the sound coming from the loudspeakers and asked to reduce the volume. But immediately after this argument they barged into the house of the old priest Ramchandra Sharma and beat him up and his family. Hindu organisations rushed to the spot on hearing of this incident.

The Police had also reached the spot. Due to the tense situation, the Police immediately stepped up their security in that area. The accused have been identified and nabbed with the help of CCTV footage. Such incidents have happened earlier in the village of Divel. According to the locals, “There is always a dispute in this area as the temple and the mosque are close by.”

The noise levels of the loudspeakers of the Mosque must be reduced ! – Demand by the temple priests

When the Muslims went to ask Pujari Sharma to lower the volume of the loadspeakers, Sharma said, ‘The Azaan, which is heard from the mosques, should also be lowered’. This is believed to be the reason behind the argument.

Editorial viewpoint

For decades Hindus in India have been enduring the sound of loudspeakers from mosques 5 times a day. It is worth pondering what would have happened had the Hindus taken the matter into their own hands !