Idol of Ramlalla of Ayodhya in Shriram temple to be made Shaligram rock found in Nepal’s River Gandaki

Ayodhya (UP) – 7 feet by 5 feet Shaligram rock has been found in the River Gandaki in Nepal for making the Idol of Shriram to be consecrated in Shriram temple in Shriramjanmabhoomi here. Kameshwar Choupal, a member of the temple trust, was sent in the area surrounding the Gandaki River to find the rock for the Idol. The worship of the rock is fixed on 27th January on Vasant Panchami Day in Janakpur. Thereafter that rock will be brought to Ayodhya through Madhubani-Darbhanga till 2nd February. The 5-1/2 feet tall Idol of Shriram will be sculpted from this rock.

Six benefits are achieved through this Shaligram rock

Kameshwar Choupal narrated that when the devotees in Nepal learned that the Shaligram rock was going to be used in making Shriram’s Idol for the temple in Ayodhya, they were very eager and enthusiastic for welcoming the rock and for offering worship to that Shaligram rock.

This Shaligram rock is very expensive, but it has been received from the Government of Nepal. Experts from Nepal’s Department of Archaeology assisted in finding the Shaligram rock. Shaligram rock has religious importance. It is believed that Shri Vishnu resides in this rock. It is believed that the Idol that is going to be sculpted from this Shaligram rock will give 6 benefits – happy life, protection from evil forces, prosperity, good health, Universal Bliss and God’s grace.

At 12 noon of Shriram-Navami day sun rays will fall upon the Idol – Chief Secretary of the temple trust, Champat Rai

As per the information given by the Chief Secretary of the temple trust, Champat Rai, A 3-member committee is being engaged in preparing the plan of the Shriram’s Idol and its replica. Many small replicas have been made of the standing Shriram Idol. Temple trust will choose any one of them. The idol will be 5-1/2 feet tall. It will be established on 3 feet tall platform. Astronomers are engaged in special arrangements for the temple structure so that the sun rays will fall upon the forehead of Ramlalla and lit up as soon as the birth of Shriram at 12 noon on Shriram-Navami day takes place. Ramlalla’s abhishek is being fixed on the next year’s auspicious Makarsankranti day in January 2024.