BBC News to air a malicious serial on Indian PM Narendra Modi about Muslims

  • Britain’s MP Lord Rami Ranger strongly criticises BBC News
  • BBC News reporting is discriminatory !
(Left side) Britain’s MP Lord Rami Ranger and (Right side)  Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi – Britain’s MP Lord Rami Ranger has strongly criticised BBC News channel for making a serial against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the 2002 riots in Gujarat. MP Rami has stated in his tweet that ‘BBC News has hurt the sentiments of millions of Indians and defamed India’s Prime Minister elected through the democratic method, along with defaming the Indian Police and judicial system. We criticise those who killed people in riots, but we also criticise your biased reporting.’

BBC News has made a series in two parts titled ‘India : the Modi Question’ commenting on the tension between PM Modi and Indian Muslims. There are also allegations levelled against PM Modi’s so-called stand on the riots of 2002 in Gujarat and for hundreds of people who died during the riots. Questions are raised about the Modi Government’s stand on the Muslim population, its so-called controversial policies, the withdrawal of Kashmir’s special status, and the Uniform Civil Code. It has been accused that Hindus were attacking Muslims in India. There is criticism even against Indians.

  • BBC News criticised on social media
  • BBC should make a serial on Bengal famine of 1943 !

There is criticism against BBC News on social media for its serial on PM Modi. Some people have commented that BBC should make a serial on the famine of 1943 in Bengal, which led to the death of 30 lakh people due to hunger. Britain’s then Prime Minister Winston Churchill had taken away food from India for soldiers of the second world war, which resulted in the people’s death in Bengal due to hunger.

Editorial viewpoint

BBC means Hindu-hatred, India-hatred news channel; therefore, nothing different is expected from it. Ban should be imposed on such a news channel in India !