It is inappropriate to completely relocate Joshimath : Survey team

New Delhi –  The survey team that is visiting Uttarakhand’s Joshimath, said that though it is facing the challenge of sinking land, completely relocating the entire town would be inappropriate. Before they come to any conclusion, they will examine everything once again.

This survey team comprises of Srinagar’s HNB Garhwal Central University’s Geography departments Prof. Mohan Singh Panwar, Geological Survey of India’s Dr. Senthil, and Delhi University’s Prof Tejvir Rana. This team visited Joshimath and tried to find the Scientific and social reason for the sinking of the land.

Prof Panwar said, Joshimath town has been divided into 5 parts for the purpose of inspection. This will be on the basis of the effect of the sinking in that area, this will be High, Medium, Slight, Safe, and area outside the purview.

Scientific examination of how Joshimath town changed in the last 50 years ? The study is being done about the sinking of the land, as also the building projects in the area.

To find out the reason for the sinking of Joshimath the photographs from the ‘remote-sensing’ is being examined. Prof. Panwar said after studying this the complete report will be submitted to the Government.