Word ‘Hindu terrorist’ is not on record of Central Home Ministry !

  • Information obtained under RTI !
  • ‘Islamic terrorism’ word is, however, on the record !

New Delhi – Praful Sharda, an RTI activist, obtained information under ‘The Right to Information (RTI) Act’ that the word ‘Hindu terrorism’ was not on the record of the Central Home Ministry. He accused that few political leaders have created this word for the politics of appeasement.

Praful Sharda had asked in his application under RTI for the list of terrorist organisations in India, along with other details, and steps taken by the Government to keep a check on them. He had further asked for information on Hindu terrorists or saffron terrorism. In the information submitted by the Central Home Ministry, it has been explained that words like saffron or Hindu terrorism were not on their record.

Praful Sharda had mainly asked for information about the Malegaon bomb blast of 2006 and whether there was the involvement of any Hindu or saffron terrorists in that blast.

Praful Sharda has stated that he felt hurt not just as an Indian, but also as a Hindu. He said few politicians were constantly defaming Hindus in India or spreading words like Hindu or saffron terrorism to get the votes of people from a certain religious community. Hindu terrorism doesn’t exist, but it is clear from the information submitted by the Central Home Ministry that Islamic terrorism does exist, and they are killing innocent people all over the world and harassing the whole world.

There are 42 organisations listed as terrorist organisations which include ‘Babbar Khalsa International’, ‘Khalistan Commando Force’, ‘Khalistan Zindabad Force’, ‘International Sikh Youth Federation’, ‘Lashkar-E-Taiba’, ‘Pasban-E-Ahle Hadis’, ‘Jaish-E-Mohammed’, etc. The Government has also informed him that it has tried and is trying various means to face terrorism.