Picture of Hindu Goddess Shri Mahalakshmi on beer bottles in the UK

Angered Hindus demand to recall the product

London (UK) – A manufacturing company called Bien Manger has used Goddess Lakshmi’s picture on beer bottles. Hindus demand to recall of the product and the picture of the Goddess removed. The Goddess Hindus worship is being used on your beer bottles. We demand you recall all such products & stop further manufacturing of it.

However, this is not the first time, In 2021, a French brewery named Grenade-sur-Garonne in Southwestern France was called out by the Hindus for launching Shiva beer. Also, In 2018, a Hindu organisation slammed a Derbyshire brewery for using the image of Goddess Kali in one of its beer bottles.

Editorial Viewpoint

Hindus feel that even though the Hindu diaspora and Hindu organisations are protesting against the company, the Indian Government also should put pressure on these companies.

The above photo has been published for people to know about the incident of desecration of Deity’s image, not to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. – Editor

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