Do not give political colour to forceful Religious Conversions : SC to TN Govt.

New Delhi – Forceful religious conversion is not a concern only for a particular State; therefore, do not give it a political colour, admonished the Supreme Court to the Tamil Nadu Government. BJP leader, Advocate Ashwini Upadhyay has filed a petition against religious conversions that take place forcefully or by allurement. Advocate Upadhyay demanded passing of a law against religious conversions while filing the petition. Supreme Court has sought the assistance of R Venkataramani, Attorney General on this issue either as amicus curiae or in any form. The Court had earlier asked the Union Government to submit an affidavit in the matter, but it has yet to do so.

Advocate P Wilson appeared on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Government and said that the petition is ‘politically motivated’ and there is no threat of conversion in Tamil Nadu. The Bench quickly responded, “Don’t bring a political colour. Please keep it aside. You can place what you want on record. It makes no difference so far as Courts are concerned. Restrict to point under consideration. Don’t bring anything else.
You may have different reasons to be agitated like this. Don’t convert Court proceedings into other things. We are not concerned with A State or B State. We are concerned about the entire Nation. Do not make it political”.

The Supreme Court had requested the Union Government to address this issue and stated that forced religious conversions may pose a danger to the security of India; SC had asked the Government to take stringent steps in the matter.

(Credit : CNN-News18)

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It is shameful that the SC has to say this to the TN Government !

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