The Telegraph publishes fake news claiming that the Union Government has not recognised the existence of the Ram Setu

It is imperative that the Central Government takes action against such news portals which deliberately try to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus !

New Delhi – ‘The Telegraph’, an English Daily, published a report titled, ‘No conclusive proof of Ram Setu : Govt. in Parliament’. The website claimed – “In reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha about research into India’s glorious past, Jitendra Singh of the Bharatiya Janata Party said that it was difficult to identify the exact structure beyond limestone shoals and reefs, although these were continuous. There are, apparently, ‘indications’, ‘direct or indirect’, that some structure was once there”. This carried a message across that the Centre has denied the existence of Ram Setu. In reality, Jitendra Singh clarified that no such matter was discussed in the Parliament. However, the Telegraph also published an Editorial under the title – ‘Bridge too far : Editorial on proof of Ram Setu’.

What did Union Minister Jitendra Singh actually say ?

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha BJP MP Karthik Sharma asked – ‘Is the Government making any efforts to conduct a scientific assessment of the Ram Setu ?’ In response, Jitendra Singh said, “I am extremely pleased to share that India’s space agency is conducting a scientific assessment of this. But we are facing certain scientific limitations when carrying out this assessment. This is because as per history, the Ram Setu is 18,000-years-old and 56 kms long. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact structure that existed there, but there is some kind of an indication, direct or indirect, that those structures have existed. The islands captured through satellite imagery showed a certain amount of continuity in location through which some surmises can be drawn about the existence of the Ram Setu”.

The Modi Government says that there is no proof of the existence of the Ram Setu : Congress’ accusation

Congress Leader Pavan Khera commented on the Government’s discussion on the Ram Setu. Khede tweeted – ‘Asking all Bhakts (Those who support Narendra Modi) to listen carefully with their ears and look with their eyes wide open. The Modi Government has openly said that there is no proof of the existence of the Ram Setu’. (Now, here is a Congressman who has not even bothered to understand what has been discussed, and is yet passing comments ! In reality, it was the Congress Government which submitted an affidavit in the Supreme Court that Shriram is a fictional character, and hence, He never built the Ram Setu. What right do such Congress leaders have to speak on the Ram Setu’s existence ? – Editor)

Information on the Ram Setu

There is a small chain of islands between India’s Rameshwaram and Sri Lanka’s Gulf of Mannar which looks like a bridge. This is called the Ram Setu in India and as Adam’s bridge in the rest of the world. It is 48 kms long.

This strip of land separates the Gulf of Mannar from the Palk Strait. The sea water is extremely shallow in this region. Hence it is difficult for big ships to cross this area.

Till the 15th Century, it was possible to walk from Rameshwaram to the Gulf of Mannar using this bridge. However, because of high tides, some areas slowly submerged in the ocean. In 1993 USA’s space organisation ‘NASA’ published a photo of the Ram Setu from space. In the published photo, this was described as a ‘Man-made’ bridge.

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