Sony Liv : Disputed part was not based on the Shraddha Walkar murder case !

Mumbai – The objectional part of the crime serial related to the murder of Shraddha Walker shown on ‘The Sony Liv’ channel has been removed after criticism from the people. Though the channel on one side is maintaining that it is not based on that murder case, on the other it is also expressing regret.  On behalf of the Channel, it has been said that respecting the feelings of the audience those parts have been deleted from the episode. Yet the common courtesy of accepting the notification brought by the Hindu organisations was not shown by ‘Sony Pictures Network’ the head of the group. From this one can understand that the apology from ‘Sony Liv’ is just a formality.

1. On the 2nd January 2023 Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s spokesperson Mr Narendra Surve, Pro-Hindu Mr Sanjay Chopra, and RSS’s Mr Vaidyanathan had gone to give a notification about this, to ‘Sony Pictures Networks’ office at Cyber Citi in Harayana’s Gurugram.

2. The officer there refused to meet, saying it is a ‘Sales Office’. He avoided the issue by telling them to give it at the Mumbai Office. In his interview with the Daily Sanatan Prabhat, Mr Narendra Surve said he even refused the request to sign and stamp the notification.

3. On the 27th of December, part 212 of the Crime Patrol, ‘Ahmedabad-Pune Murder case’ was telecast on ‘Sony Pictures Networks’ website ‘Sony Liv’. On realising that it was similar to the recent Shraddha Walker murder, the people expressed their anger against ‘Sony liv’ on social media. As social media appeal was being made to boycott them, ‘Sony Liv’ apologised and deleted the objectionable episode.

Deleted the portion on realising the emotions of the audience ! – claimed ‘Sony Liv’

This is an imaginary case based on a murder that happened in 2011. This story nor incidents are not related to any recent incident. But respecting the audience’s feelings that episode has been deleted. If this has hurt the feelings of the audience we regret it, declared ‘Sony Liv’.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Just doing the formality of expressing regret but not accepting or considering the notification given by the pro-Hindu organistions.
  • Hindus should teach a lesson to ‘Sony Liv’ by boycotting the channel which does not care a damn about the sensitivities of the Hindus and just gives a token apology, the Government should immediately close the channel ! 

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