The Taliban Govt to give children education on fundamentalism !

It will cover topics like killing non-Muslims, punishing women etc.

(Left side) Amrullah Saleh

Kabul (Afghanistan) – The Taliban Government has started to impose terrorism in Afghanistan. At first, they prevented girls from attending schools and colleges and now the Talibani Government has decided to change the entire curriculum. A course on terrorism will also be included in this curriculum. As soon as Afghanistan became independent, Amrullah Saleh  announced himself as the executive President of Afghanistan. He had informed about this new plan of the Taliban through a tweet. He said the Taliban is adding 62 new subjects to the new curriculum.

1. This curriculum will be teaching a wide range of shocking topics like – The satanic nature of the United Nations, killing non-Muslims, how to punish women and a justification on how suicide attacks are correct.

2. Amrullah Saleh further said the global media was trying to portray the Taliban as ‘reformists’. While parallelly they spread false information like saying corruption in the country is the reason for the Taliban to come to power in Afghanistan.

Editorial viewpoint

Would it be surprising if such children become terrorists and wage a jihad against India in the future ? India needs to be alert and take steps from now !

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