Threat of India becoming a Hindu nationalist country : Crows US Congressman Andy Levin

Andy Levin is an outgoing US lawmaker and the so-called human rights activist

Outgoing US congressman Andy Levin

Washington (USA) – US Congressman Andy Levin sparked a controversy in his concluding speech in the US Senate. He said, “I have been a vocal advocate for human rights in places like India, which is in the danger of becoming a Hindu nationalist State rather than a secular Democracy”.

1. “I am a lover of Hinduism, a lover of Jainism, Buddhism and other religions that were born in India, but we need to protect the rights of all people there, whether they’re Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Jains”, Levin said (If Levin was truly concerned about the human rights of the people of India, he would have worked for the human rights of the Kashmiri Hindus, but since his mindset is anti-Hindu, he does not see the human rights of Hindus, but the so-called human rights of other religions, and hence he is making such statements ! – Editor)

2. Levin has been an advocate of human rights. He said that the US alone has been more successful in protecting human rights in the whole world, while the condition of other countries is worse. (Levin should also tell what he is doing about the human rights of black citizens in the US ! Why did the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement take place in the US after the Police killed George Floyd, a black citizen ? Levin should tell about this and then pat himself on the back ! – Editor)

3. Levin had called for attention to Kashmir through the programmes of several human rights organisations including the Indian American Muslim Council. (From this, it is clear that Levin is not concerned about the human rights of Hindus, but someone else ! – Editor) Last year, he expressed concern about religious freedom in India. “The India of Narendra Modi today is not the India I fell in love with”, he had said. “Why would I be so critical and so publicly critical of a country that I love ? The answer is it is because I love India that I am committed to ending these attacks on its people.” (India will decide how it should be. The US should not interfere in it. Instead, Levin should think about how the US should be ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • There are 57 Islamic nations and over 100 Christian nations in the world, but Hindus with a population of more than 100 crores do not have a single Hindu Rashtra. If Hindus establish Hindu Rashtra, why is it a concern for people like Levin who practice other religions ? Why doesn’t he utter a word of protest about the oppression of minorities in Islamic and Christian countries ?
  • Why doesn’t Levin want to talk about the majority of Muslims in Kashmir and the fact that Hindus were driven out, killed, and women raped by jihadis ?

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