Hindu organisations protest against the green colour painted to Kalaburagi railway station walls in Karnataka !

Administration decides to change the color as a result of the protest

Kalaburgi (Karnataka) – Green paint on the walls of the Kalaburagi railway station in Karnataka has led to conflicts. Hindu organisations have strongly protested against this. The Hindu unions are protesting against the green walls of Kalaburagi railway station because they claim that it looks like a mosque.

As a result of this protest, the railway administration has decided to change the colour of the railway station. (While painting the railway station, it is the duty of the railway administration to look after if a specific colour is hurting the religious sentiments of some group or if it is creating any religious tensions ! The railway administration should look into this matter and take the required action against the in charge officer to avoid a similar incident in the future ! – Editor) According to the report of the news channels, the colour of the Kalaburagi railway station has been changed to white from green.

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