Essay writing competition about Prophet Mohammad stopped in Ujjain after Hindus’ opposition !

  • Enquiry ordered by the Home Minister
  • Hindus had taken part in the Competition !
  • Competition stayed after opposition from Hindu Organisations !
(Left side) Home Minister Narottam Mishra

Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) – Ujjain’s ‘Paigam -e- Insaniyat’ society had organised an essay competition. The participants were asked to write an essay on Prophet Mohammad, but the participants were non- Muslims which means they were Hindu. The participants after enrolling are given a book about the Prophet. So, the Hindu organisations opposed this essay competition. The Hindu organisations alleged that the competition was an attempt of converting the Hindus. They have complained to the State Home Minister Narottam Mishra. The Home Minister has noted this and asked the Police Commissioner to investigate the matter. The organisers cancelled the competition after there was opposition to the Competition.

(Credit : Zee News)

1. The local Bajrang Dal Leader Pintu Kaushal said that there was a cash award of Rs. 21,500 declared to encourage more and more people to participate. Along with this, all the participants were to be given awards. (Why don’t the Hindu  organisation hold an essay competition about Hindu Deities ? – Editor)

2. The organiser Syed Nasir said that this competition was organised so that people from all communities learn about the Prophet. But as there was opposition it was cancelled. (Whoever wants to know about the Prophet, can get it independently. What is the need of such competitions ? – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Hindus are participating in the competition even after getting to know that they have to write an essay about Prophet Mohammad ! From this, we realise that because Hindus have no education on Dharma, they are participating to get the prize and nurture secularism !  
  • Will people from other religions participate if Hindus organise a competition about Hindu Deities ?