Be ready to kill Modi for the protection of the Constitution !

Former Madhya Pradesh Congress Minister Raja Pateria’s appeal

Former Madhya Pradesh Congress Minister Raja Pateria

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) – Prime Minister Modi will eliminate the election system. He will divide this country on the basis of religion, caste, and language. Life of Dalits, tribals, and minority is in danger because of him, so be prepared to kill him to save the Constitution. Killing means his defeat, was the provoking statement made by Congress leader Raja Pateria from Vidhan constituency of MP as seen in a video that has become viral on social media. He can be seen inciting his party workers. This video is said to be shot at Pawai, in the Panna district of MP. State Home Minister Narottam Mishra has ordered to file FIR against him.

Explanation by  Pateria – Says his statement has been misrepresented

Raja Pateria has given an explanation through a video recorded by him about the earlier video. He said that his statement about the killing of PM Modi was totally misconstrued. I believe in Mahatma Gandhi. I would not make such kind of statement. My statement should be taken from a political angle. Modi needs to be defeated for the protection of the Constitution. His defeat is necessary for the protection of minorities, Dalits, and tribals; for eliminating unemployment, but my statement was presented in the wrong manner.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Why did he use the word ‘murder/kill’ in that case ? He spoke what was in mind.      
  • This is the true mentality of fake non-violent Congress leaders ! Such people should be put behind bars and severely punished by Madhya Pradesh Government !

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