A delegation of Hindu organizations giving a memorandum to the Home Minister of Karnataka Araga Jnanendra

  • Karnataka State Home Minister assures the delegation of Hindu organisations
  • Consider a special Police task force to stop the menace of Love Jihad !
A delegation of Hindu organizations giving a memorandum to the HM of Karnataka Araga Jnanendra

Bengaluru (Karnataka)  – The Home Minister of Karnataka Araga Jnanendra gave the below assurance – Considering the increasing number of disappearances of Hindu girls and women, I have taken serious cognizance and suggested increasing the speed of the investigations. Along with this, I will discuss the creation of a special police force to prevent ‘Love Jihad’ at the parliamentary discussion.

A delegation of Hindu organizations met Jnanendra at the official residence of the Home Minister and submitted a memorandum to him. During that time he gave the above assurance. Home Minister Jnanendra also specified that the current government will work towards eliminating anti-social elements to maintain law and order. Some of the members of this delegation included Shri. Mohan Gowda, the state spokesperson for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, Mrs Bhavya Gowda from Ranaragini, Nandini Nagaraj from Durga Sena and Shri Sundaresh and Shri. Amarnath from the Sri Ram Sena.

All the organizations of this delegation gave a statement that – Despite the implementation of the Prohibition of Conversion Act in the state, ‘Love Jihad’ has not yet stopped. Hence just like in Uttar Pradesh, an Anti-Love-Jihad task force should be appointed here as well. According to the report of the National Investigation Agency, the ‘Shaheen gang’ is active in 5 districts of the state and they are being supported by some clerics and madrassas.

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