Telangana Police expose prostitution racket operated across the country !

  • 14,900 women from India and foreign countries
  • Included even drug trafficking
  • Use of ‘Call Centres’ and ‘WhatsApp’
  • 18 persons arrested so far

Hyderabad (Telangana) – Cyberabad Police busted a big racket of prostitution with the arrest of 18 persons so far, including the manager of Radisson Hotel. The racket was operated through ‘Call Centres’ and ‘WhatsApp’. It was spread across many States. It also involved drug trafficking.

1. The call centres were at Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. They used WhatsApp for contacting customers. 14,900 women are found to be pushed into this business, some of them are from Russia, Uzbekistan, and Thailand.

2. The accused were buying women from different parts of the country as per the information of the Police, giving advertisements on websites and social media. The photographs of women were then shared with the customers, and as per the customers’ choice, the women were sent to them. This racket is responsible for 70% of the prostitution business in Cyberabad and Hyderabad.

3. Mohammad Abdul Salman aka Rhishi, one of the main accused has so far used 900 women and is in this business for the last 6 years. Some of the other accused are Mohammad Samir, Mohammad Abdul Rafiq Khan, Mohammad Afsar, Harbindar kaur, etc.

Editorial viewpoint

Such a racket was operated all over the country, how could Police from other States and Intelligence agencies have no clue about the same ?

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