There should be gender equality : Uttarakhand Govt committee’s report on implementation of Uniform Civil Code

Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – BJP Government of Uttarakhand set up a committee for the implementation of the law on the Uniform Civil Code. In this report, the instructions regarding equality in number of children are the highest. The report, along with gender equality, also emphasises raising the marriageable age of women to 21, equal rights for daughters in ancestral properties, legal rights for LGBTQ couples, etc. It is also likely to include instructions on the registration of live-in relationships. (Even if such an instruction was received, it would be important for the Indian family system to disacknowledge it legally !- Editor)

1. BJP Government led by Pushkar Singh Dhami in Uttarakhand immediately set up a committee of experts as it came to power in May 2022.

2. After seeking advice from different people and organisations, many suggestions have been received by the five-member committee led by Ranjana Prakash Desai, a former judge of the Supreme Court.

3. The committee was expected to submit its report in three months, but the Uttarakhand Government has extended its tenure by six months.

Editorial viewpoint

Patriotic citizens of this country feel that instead of engaging so much manpower in every State for forming independent committees, and preparing reports, etc., for implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, the Central Government should try it at the national level !

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