12 killed in a shooting at mosque in Nigeria

Abuja (Nigeria) – 12 people, including the cleric of the mosque, were killed in a shooting at the Maigamji mosque in Funtua area of ​​the city during prayers. They have also abducted several others. The attackers have demanded ransom from the families of the abductees. Along with this, people have been asked to take permission for farming and pay protection fees. Some gangs in Nigeria kill people or kidnap them for ransom. They demand money from people to protect agriculture fields.

1. Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari said the heinous act was carried out by those with hatred. The Country will never bow down to such hateful people and show victory over them.

2. There was a shooting at St Francis Church in Owo town 6 months ago. More than 50 people were killed. Many people were injured and one person was kidnapped.

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