Court bans the use of mobile phones in order to preserve the purity and sanctity of temples !

A praiseworthy decision by the Madras High Court !

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Chennai  (Tamil Nadu) – The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court has ordered a ban on the use of mobile phones in temples across the State of Tamil Nadu. Also to avoid inconvenience to devotees, the Court has also ordered that ‘lockers’ should be arranged to keep mobile phones outside the temple. At the same time, the Court has also clarified that these instructions were given to maintain the purity and sanctity of the temple. However, a petition was filed in this regard by the Subrahmanyamswamy temple administration of Tiruchendur. After this hearing, the Court gave the above direction to the State Government. Interestingly, the Subrahmanyamswamy temple administration had demanded a ban on mobile phones inside the temple.

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This petition was filed by the temple administration last month. It said that the ‘Subrahmanyamswamy temple is an ancient temple. The rules of ‘Agam’ (a science, which enables one to understand the correct meaning of the Vedas) play an important role in the management of the temple. Mobile phones, cameras and taking photographs inside the temple are prohibited. At present most photos and videos are shot on mobile phones. Photos of Idols and rituals are taken. Due to such actions, other devotees get disturbed. An instruction has been written on the notice board asking the public to avoid using mobile phones and cameras. Also, the devotees coming to the temple should take care to see that they wear the proper attire.

Editorial viewpoint

It is very important to implement such a rule across all the temples and shrines across the country !

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