Enraged by murder, Muslim family members vandalised hospital in Rajashatan’s Bhilwara

Curfew imposed and internet service suspended for 48 hrs

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Bhilwara (Rajasthan) – Ibrahim Pathan’s family vandalised the hospital after his murder. A curfew was imposed in the city and internet services were suspended for 48 hours. Kali Tapadia and two others, including a minor, have been arrested in this case.

Ibrahim Pathan (21) and his brother Tony Pathan (22) were standing at the Badla intersection, according to sources. Three rounds were then fired at them by the attackers. Tony was seriously injured while Ibrahim was killed. The attackers dispersed following this incident. Following this, his family vandalised the hospital while he was undergoing treatment.

Revenge of brother’s murder

Adarsh Tapadia was murdered in Bhilwara on 10th May. Adarsh Tapadia was Kali Tapadia’s brother. Ibrahim is suspected of being involved in the murder. There is a suspicion that this murder took place in revenge for Adarsh’s death.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • In every case, Muslims take the law into their own hands. Still, progressives accuse Hindus of violence despite protesting legitimately.
  • Recover the hospital’s damages by putting them behind bars.

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