Saudi Arabia sentenced 12 people in 10 days for drug related offences !

Some beheaded by sword, some executed

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) – Saudi Arabia has reportedly executed 12 people in the last 10 days for drug-related offences. Some of these were beheaded with sword. These included three Pakistanis, four Syrians, two Jordanians and three Saudis. This year in March, Saudi Arabia had executed around 81 people.

The Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman had assured to minimise capital punishment with only those found guilty of murder or manslaughter being subject to capital punishment but again the same punishment was given.

Editorial viewpoint

Realise that these punishments are the main reason for the less number of crimes in Saudi Arabia. No doubt that if in India such type of punishments are given for all crimes, the number of crimes will rapidly decrease in a few days.