Hindus of the Vishwakarma community are being converted in large numbers in Karnataka : BJP Legislator KP Nanjundi

BJP Legislator KP Nanjundi

Dharwad (Karnataka) – BJP’s member of the Legislative Assembly KP Nanjundi has given a piece of shocking information that the Vishwakarma Community’s Hindus in the State are converting to Islam and Christianity as they are deprived of the State’s Governmental reliefs. Nanjundi had come to Dharwad to create awareness in society that more relief should be given to the Vishwakarma Community by the State. At that time, he addressed the Press saying, many of our community are converting to other religions. In many other areas too people from our community are converting. The number is larger in South Karnataka Districts.

On the question, ‘why don’t you stop the conversions ?’ he said I am only a legislator in the Legislative assembly. What authority do I have to stop them ? I am agitating for the ‘Vishwakarma Abhivrudhi Nigam.’ For the past 5 months, the Nigam is empty. No one has taken admission. When we ask them about it, they say, ‘we have nothing to eat, so we are converting. Will your Government feed us ? We have come to this pitiable state as we remained true to our traditional profession. This state of the Vishwakarma Community is because of its deprivation of justice by society, said Nanjundi.

Editorial viewpoint

This is the consequence of a lack of education on Dharma ! Please note that if all the various Governments post-independence had taught the Hindu’s Spiritual Practice this would not have been the situation !