We will uproot Tipu Sultan’s statue if erected : Pramod Muthalik

Opposition to the demand by Congress’ Tanveer Seth

Shri Ram Sena chief Mr Pramod Muthalik

Hubali (Karnataka) – Congress’ Tanveer Seth has demanded to erect cruel Tipu Sultan’s 100 ft statue either in Mysuru or in Srirangpattanam. Upon this Mr Pramod Muthalik has warned saying, just as Babri’s structure was uprooted likewise we would uproot the statue. He was addressing the gathering assembled in a programme organised on the occasion of Kanakdas Birth Anniversary on Idgah ground here.

Mr Muthalik said further, Tipu was religious fanatic. He demolished thousands of Hindu temples. He was a blot for Karnataka. Statue that would insult the Kings of Mysuru should not be erected in the city. Erect statues of Indian Philosopher Shishunal Sharif and former President Abdul Kalam instead.

Editorial viewpoint

Has any of the Congress leaders ever demanded to erect statues of National leaders like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap, etc. ?

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