Intellectuals in India are anti-nationals : Prof. Salvatore Babones, Australia

Prof. Salvatore Babones, Australia

Mumbai – The issue of religious violence in India, especially in Uttar Pradesh is widely discussed. Similar religious violence took place in Rwanda and Burundi in Africa, but only violence in Uttar Pradesh was discussed everywhere. The situation in Bihar is similar to that of Congo, but Bihar is discussed more. An image has been created about India which is dangerous. Efforts are made to malign India’s image based on misleading data, expressed the assistant professor at the University of Sydney, Salvatore Babones, while talking to India Today’s journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai in an interview at India Today conclave.

1. Prof. Babones said further that the intellectual class in India is anti-national. They and international media are responsible to depict India as an authoritarian nation. The world and its media have no proper knowledge about India.

2. Prof. Babones said that India is a country with the most successful democracy. India has come out of bondage and proved herself at the global level.

(Credit : India Today)

The Global Hunger Index has been prepared using wrong data !

Regarding the Global Hunger Index, Prof Babones clearly said that it was prepared using the wrong data. It is prepared based on the surveys. Now, the question is to whom, the people conducting such a survey approached. There were intellectuals, Indian and foreign students, private organisations, and people associated with human rights organisations. Their anti-India mentality led to showing India at a poor level on this index.

Editorial viewpoint

This view is expressed by not any pro-Hindu activists but by a foreign professor, so, will the intellectuals in India accept it ? The devout Hindus should be able to oppose such anti-national and anti-Dharma intellectuals in India at an ideological level !

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