Girls protesting against burqa outside a University beaten up by Talibani officials !

Kabul (Afghanistan) – On 30th October, in Badakhshan University, the girls without burqa were sent out of the classroom. Then, the girls raised agitation for their right to education. That time, a senior officer from the telecommunications department started beating up these girls. A video of this incident has become viral on social media.

1. After the Taliban came into rule in Afghanistan, girls were denied entry in colleges. But in February 2022, the Government gave permission to the girls to go the college along with certain rules.

2. In May, the Taliban Government mentioned in their orders that it is mandatory for girls to wear the burqa in public places. The one who does not wear the burqa in public places, her father, or any other close male relative will be sent to jail, also he may be fired from the Government job.