Hindus must thwart the Islamic economy ‘Halal’ ! : Ramesh Shinde (National Spokesperson of HJS)

Swatantryaveer Savarkar National Memorial and HJS organise Conference against compulsory ‘Halal certification’

In this ‘secular’ India, millions of Rupees are collected from Hindu companies in the name of ‘Halal’ certificates. Traders and companies obtain FSSAI certificates from official agencies of the Indian Government; yet, they have to get a ‘Halal’ certificate from private Muslim organisations. ‘Halal’ Conference has been organised to strengthen the parallel economy of ‘Halal’ certificates, which is posing a challenge to the Indian economy. Hindu organisations and traders are opposing holding of the ‘Halal’ Conference through various media.

“Halal is an Islamic concept being thrust upon the majority (78% population) of Hindus in India. It has almost caught up with the Indian economy. A private Muslim organisation like ‘Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind’ is collecting thousands of Rupees from Indian companies for ‘Halal’ certificates. ‘Halal’ certificate, initially required only for meat, is now demanded even for food items, cosmetics, medicines, hospitals, etc. and even multinational companies have said that they are obtaining ‘Halal’ certificates. It is found that the money from this certification is used for Jihadi activities. Hence, Hindus should strongly oppose this ‘Halal Jihad’ and thwart it with a strong ‘jhatka (Jolt)’. Public awareness should be created and even the Government should be forced to take this matter seriously”, appealed Mr Ramesh Shinde (National Spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti), author of ‘New attack on Indian economy : Halal Jihad ?’

A Conference to oppose the compulsion on obtaining ‘Halal’ certificates was jointly organised by Swatantryaveer Savarkar National Memorial (SSNM) and HJS at SSNM hall on 9th October 2022. Senior actor Mr Sharad Ponkshe addressed the Conference through a video recording. Mr Yashwant Killedar (Vice President of Maharashtra Nav-Nirman Sena), Bhargavshri BP Sachinwala (Founder of ‘Parashuram Tapovan Ashram’, Vasai), Mr Motilal Jain (President of ‘Maharashtra Rajya Saraf Suvarnkar Federation’), Mr Vivek Gholap (Maharashtra In-charge of ‘All-India Khatik Samaj’), Mr Vijay Jangam (of ‘Veer Shaiva Lingayat Mahasangh’), Mr Santosh Gupta (Member of ‘Jhatka Vyavasayi Mahasangh’) were among the dignitaries who presented their views.

Hindus will have to use the weapon of boycott as was used by Veer Savarkar ! : Dr Vijay Shastri (BJP MP)

‘Halal’ is not restricted to meat now, the ‘Halal’ economy has entered every field. ‘Halal Jihad’ is a big conspiracy against Hindus. The Railway administration has now removed the word ‘Halal’ from their list. The BJP administration of Delhi Municipal Corporation has also made it compulsory for local restaurants to highlight if they are serving ‘Jhatka’ or ‘Halal’ meat. Hindus will have to now use the weapon of boycott as was used by Savarkar.
Boycotting ‘Halal’ is the duty of every Hindu : Mr Ranjit Savarkar (Executive President, SSNM)

Imposing ‘Halal’ certification on us is done by Muslims and not by law. ‘Love Jihad’ has been going on since the time of Akbar. Now, ‘Halal Jihad’ has started. ‘Halal’ certificate is the beginning. If Hindus continue to tolerate ‘Halal’, it will lead to serious and adverse effects. Jihadi Muslims are planning to rule India through ‘Halal’; hence, it is the duty of every Hindu to boycott ‘Halal’. Hindus should financially boycott ‘Halal’ products. An Committee of Hindus should be set up to stop ‘Halal’ and strongly oppose the compulsion of ‘Halal’ certificates. Hindus should pledge to spend their hard-earned money on buying only from Hindu traders.

Hindus must oppose ‘Halal’ certification and save their coming generations : Mr Sharad Ponkshe

Muslims who are supporting terrorists have started a parallel economy in the name of ‘Halal’ certification all over the world. It is going to raise a storm all over the world. Do remember that when you eat a burger at Mcdonalds, you are financing a terrorist. ‘Halal’ certification is an attempt to challenge the Indian economy and create terrorists like Kasab. It is a slow poison and Hindus should avoid buying products that have ‘Halal’ certification and its symbol. Hindus need to wake up and save the coming generations. The Union and State Governments should also look into this matter seriously. Create a situation that there are no takers for ‘Halal’ certified products in India.

1,500 people join the Conference on ‘Facebook live’ !

This Conference was shown live on the Facebook links of SSNM and HJS. 1,500 people joined the Conference through these links. Many also showed interest to participate in HJS’ activities.

Public awareness should be created against ‘Halal Jihad’ and the Government be forced to take this matter seriously !

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