‘Popular Front of India’s anti-National plan to declare India an ‘Islamic Nation’ by 2047

On 22nd September 2022, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided various locations of the ‘Popular Front of India’ (PFI) in 13 States. Over 100 people were arrested in these raids. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was on a visit to Patna (in Bihar), was the target of these terrorists. On this background, a day before the Prime Minister’s Bihar visit, terrorist Athar Parvez and former Police officer Mohammad Jalaluddin of the banned organisation ‘SIMI’ were also arrested. It was found that over Rs 80 lakh was transacted from their bank accounts. Further investigation revealed that they were associated with the PFI and the ‘Social Democratic Party of India’ (SDPI). The Jihadi plans of the PFI to make India an Islamic Nation in the centenary year of Indian Independence, that is, by the year 2047 came into the hands of investigating agencies. The article here gives details of the sinister Jihadi conspiracy and the modus operandi of the PFI.

1. ‘India-2047 : A Violent Plan made by PFI

The documents found in the NIA raid in Bihar run into 252 pages and are titled ‘India-2047 : Empowering the People’ and ‘Empower India Foundation’ printed in English on the cover. This document begins with the words of the Holy Quran – ‘Until people change themselves, Allah will not change their state’. The abridged 8-page manuscript of the document ‘Holy Quran, Surah Ar-Rad -13:11’ was recently recovered by investigating agencies during a raid in Bihar. This went viral on social media.

This also mentions the purpose of PFI and states that these documents are for internal use only. This anti-Hindu document mentions at the outset itelf that Muslims are the second largest religious group in India. After Indonesia, there is a large concentration of Muslims in India. According to this document, the Muslims, who once ruled the country, are now considered second class citizens.

According to these documents, the political power which the British took away from the Muslim community, should return to them by the year 2047; therefore, this plan. Along with this, it has been said that the Muslims are getting second class treatment in all areas, and now a pro-Hindu trend has emerged in the country. The Government of India does not feel the need to negotiate with Muslims even in matters related to Sharia. Today, the Muslim community has no effective leadership. Such leadership is available at the local level; however, they lack foresight. This is why, it is underlined that real progress must be achieved under the leadership of PFI.

2. PFI has planned to launch an armed uprising in India and seek help from Islamic countries

The anti-National PFI related groups have planned to come together to launch a full-scale armed uprising against India and create a trained ‘cadre’ for this purpose. Assistance is being taken for this not only from Pakistan, but from countries such as Turkey too. Also, these documents clearly indicate that help from other Islamic countries will be taken to bring Hindus to their knees.

3. PFI needs only 10% Muslims with it to subdue Hindus

These documents further state that if we look at the history of Islam, Muslims have always been a minority. They don’t need to be in the majority to succeed. If only 10% Muslims rally behind PFI, it will be enough to subdue Hindus. All the leaders and cadres of the organisation should follow this ‘road map’.

4. Four phases to make India an Islamic Nation

A. Phase 1 – Training in attack and defense to establish an ‘Islamic’ identity : Wherever possible, unite Muslims and bring them together under the banner of PFI. For this, the party should focus on recruiting new members. Everyone has to go beyond ‘Indianness’ and establish an ‘Islamic’ identity. For this, they will be trained in attack, self-defence, swordsmanship, using iron rods and other weapons through the Physical Education (PE) Department.

B. Phase 2 – To hide the real objective of the organisation by using the National Flag, Constitution and Ambedkar : To solve the problems of Muslims under the leadership of PFI, to support them, to mislead the security agencies of our country and demonstrating our powers by using violence wherever possible. Along with this, finding suitable people and giving them advance training in the use of firearms and explosives. In this period, the party should use the National Flag, Constitution and Ambedkar to completely hide that our real objective is to establish an Islamic rule. Closeness should be created with people of the SC (Scheduled Caste), ST (Scheduled Tribes) and OBCs (Other Backward Classes). The people of our organisation should be planted at the executive, judicial and all such levels, and information should be gathered at these levels. Funds should be obtained with the help of other Islamic countries.

C. Phase 3 – To create a rift among RSS and SC, ST & OBC communities and aim to win 10% seats at each level : The party should win 50% of Muslim seats, as well as 10% seats of SCs, STs, OBCs at every level by developing proximity with these communities. PFI should create a divide between RSS and the SCs, STs and OBC communities. It should be propagated that the RSS is only an association of upper caste Hindus. Questioning the existing so-called secular parties on their policy of secularism, the interests of Muslims, SCs, STs and the OBCs should be nurtured.

The Physical Education Department of PFI should continue the work of taking out Protest Marches in uniform, attacking wherever necessary. At this stage, arms and explosives should be mobilised and stockpiled.

D. Phase 4 – Establishing political power in the country, systematically eliminating opposition and restoring Islamic glory : In this last stage, the party should emerge as the all-powerful leader. The leadership of the entire Muslim community and the SCs, STs and OBCs should win 50% seats. They should get so much support that they get political power at the National level. Once in power, the people in the PFI organisation should be appointed to important posts in the Executive (administration), Judiciary, Police and Army. Muslims and SC, ST & OBCs should be appointed in all Government posts, so that the injustice and imbalance caused to these communities in the past can be rectified through these appointments.

At this stage, the Physical Education Department should be very effective. They should outright kill anyone who comes in the way of the organisation’s interests. This Department should work as a defence against the security systems of the organisation’s opponents. Once the organisation has sufficient stock of weapons, we should promulgate and implement a Constitution based on the principles of Islam. Foreign aid will also be available in this phase. Our opponents will be systematically exterminated on a massive scale and Islamic glory will be restored.

5. Action plan in documents

The documents found by NIA in the Bihar raid on PFI have also outlined the further action plan.

A. Constantly lodging complaints : Fortunately, RSS, Hindu organisations and their puppet Governments are giving us many reasons to lodge complaints. There is no trust between the Government and Muslims. Incidents like Babri Masjid, religious riots, killing of Muslims should be vigorously pursued. Spread this message in all States that this Union Government is going to declare India a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and drive the Muslims out of the country.

B. Mobilising Muslims : Wherever possible, mobilising Muslims to get support for the PFI and to motivate people to fight for their just rights.

C. Increasing PFI membership : Bringing PFI to every household in the country. Recruiting at least one person from each family for the organisation, party or other departments. Preparing everyone to be readers of our magazines, articles. Deliver our social media posts to them. Ensure that every family connects with us.

D. Arms training and recruiting members : Currently in this fascist (right-wing) environment, PFI is the only organisation that is surviving well. The influence of Physical Education Department of the organisation is also good. These acts will boost our confidence and determination. For this, we have to reach people at the grass roots. Taking advantage of Yoga classes and the concept of ‘Healthy Citizens, Healthy Nation’, we should keep our Physical Education Department active. Our trainers will continue to go to all the States and train them in the handling of weapons and explosives. Arms should be stored, and training should be provided in Muslim-majority settlements or in remote locations. This should be in such a way that it is not known to the security systems. Only certain people should know our whereabouts.

E. Getting information of devout Hindus and RSS leaders : Gathering all information about devout Hindus and RSS leaders (personal and their offices). Keep updating this ‘database’. This will enable us to control our goals while achieving them.

6. Summary of the anti-National and anti-Hindu conspiracy of PFI

Looking at some highlights of this document, it is very obvious that Islamic Jihadis want to establish their own State in India and the PFI is leading it. It has already been proved that PFI has no faith in India’s democratic values.

The points briefly underlined in these documents are as follows.

A. Creating rifts among castes in Hindu Dharma. By increasing mistrust among them, converting SC, ST and OBCs to Islam.
B. Inculcating Islamic values in society and sometimes resorting to violence for this. Imparting illegal weapons’ training and even risking the lives of the common people in the country.
C. There would be no place for democratic values. Capitalising on various points by deliberately creating problems and saying ‘injustice was done’.
D. Recruiting people to higher positions based on religion and caste in the Islamic state.
E. Seeking help from foreign countries on the basis of Islam.
F. Eliminating leaders of RSS, devout Hindu leaders and activists.
G. Establishing the identity of Muslims as ‘Islamic’ and not ‘Indian’ citizens, and trying to inculcate this impression in their people.
All these anti-National and anti-Hindu schemes were revealed due to the action of the security agencies. In fact, the first edition of these documents is ‘Year 2016’, which means that all these conspiracies may already be in operation earlier itself.

7. Hindus need to be careful and vigilant so that India does not become another Afghanistan

Considering all the above aspects, the Indian citizens, especially the Hindus, need to be very careful and think beyond caste lines to preserve the unity and integrity of our country. Why are the decisions which are taken in National interests being labelled ‘anti-Islamic decisions’ or ‘anti-Minority decisions’ ? This matter should now be studied in-depth and understood from the National perspective.

Many such anti-National organisations would be already working to achieve their own ‘goals’ by managing the media. This is why, every Indian citizen should be vigilant now to keep the Democracy of India intact and preserve its democratic values. Along with this, these documents prove that ‘inciting violence’ is a part of fulfilling their goals, which is a matter to be taken seriously.

Overall, the forms of terrorism in our country and their modus operandi are changing rapidly. At such a time, awareness in common citizens will help our country’s security systems; else, it will not take much time to transform India into another Afghanistan due to selfish and malintentioned goals !

– Rupali Kulkarni Bhusari (Courtesy : Daily ‘Mumbai Tarun Bharat’)

  • PFI related groups planned to come together to launch an armed uprising against India and create a trained ‘cadre’ !
  • Hindus need to be very careful and think beyond caste lines to preserve the unity and integrity of our country !