Two Hindu workers in Shopian (Jammu-Kashmir) were killed in a grenade blast orchestrated by terrorists

Shopian (Jammu-Kashmir)  –  Two migrant Hindu workers were killed and 3 others injured when a grenade exploded after being thrown by Jihadi terrorists in the Harman area. The names of these workers are Manish Kumar and Ram Sagar. Both of them were natives of the Kannauj district, Uttar Pradesh. The Jihadi terrorist organisation ‘The Resistance Front’ (TRF) has taken responsibility for this cowardly attack. Imran Bashir Ghani, the terrorist who carried out this attack, has been arrested. The grenade was hurled at the 5 workers while they were sleeping in a shed.

Another Kashmiri Hindu Puran Krishna Bhat was shot dead by terrorists in Shopian on 15th October. These two Hindus were killed Immediately after this incident.

Editorial viewpoints

  • It is now 33 years since jihadi terrorism started in Kashmir and the Hindus of Kashmir are still vulnerable. This is extremely shameful for all our democratically elected parties. This kind of situation makes a Hindu Rashtra inevitable !
  • Even though 1-2 Jihadi terrorists are killed every day in Kashmir; since the Jihadi mentality has not been destroyed and since Pakistan takes care of people with such a mentality, it becomes imperative to destroy Pakistan in order to destroy terrorism.

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