Indian students object to Nigerian students offering namaz on University premises in Gurugram 

Gurugram (Haryana) – About 60 Nigerian students are said to have left the premises of Goenka University. Nigerian students performing namaz on the football field sparked controversy. (Can a football field be used to offer namaz ? This is an example of how most Muslims bully others in the name of religion – Editor). Nigerian students have alleged that Indian students abused and beat them up (Numerous incidents have come to light that most Nigerians living in India and even Muslims are involved in drug trafficking. So how can anyone believe such accusations by Nigerian students ? – Editor). Indian students objected to the place where Nigerian students were offered namaz. Indian students filed a complaint with the Registrar regarding this. The protesters demanded that the authorities ensure that Nigerian students perform namaz only in their hostel rooms.

1. Khalil, a Nigerian student, said there was chaos when the University decided to have Indian and Nigerian students on the same football team. The captain of our team objected to this mixed team. The match was then called off by the officials. Despite this, the Indian students attacked us and beat us up. In the hostel the next day, a group of Indian students attacked us.

2. Indian students have accused a group of Nigerian students of attacking. Both groups have lodged a complaint against each other at Sohna Police Station. Further investigation is going on in this case.

Editorial viewpoint

Please note that most Muslims, whatever Country they belong to and wherever they live, disturb the social peace by creating disputes.