Congress MLA attacked in Gujarat

  • Congress workers start violence
  • Congress accuses the BJP as the mastermind behind the attacked
(Left side) Congress MLA and Adivasi leader Anant Patel

Navasari (Gujarat)  –  Congress MLA of Vasanda-Chikale and Adivasi leader Anant Patel was attacked on the 8th of October at night by unknown miscreants. Ananth Patel was seriously injured on his head and near his eyes by this dastardly attack. His car was also damaged in this attack. The miscreants also stole the driver’s mobile phone. After this attack, local Congress workers resorted to violence in the middle of the night and set fire to shops and vandalised the vehicles of the fire department. Anant Patel also protested at the spot and demanded that the attackers be brought to justice.

Anant Patel said that he was going to attend a meeting. After the meeting, some goons of the head of the Zilla Panchayat pulled me out of my car and beat me up. They damaged my vehicle as well. He further warned that, until the head of the Zilla Panchayat and his goons are caught they will continue to protest and agitate.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi condemned the attack and tweeted, the cowardly attack by the BJP on our MLA Anant Patel, who had fought for the local Adivasis and also fought against the Par-Tapi river linking project is extremely despicable. This is an act of vengeance by the BJP Government. Every Congress Party worker will fight until his last breath for the rights of Adivasis.

Editorial viewpoint

Since the BJP is in power in the State, it is its responsibility to protect the law and order of the State. An attack on a people’s representative is shameful for the Government as well.

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